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My Dad, Michael Cianciullo (Big Mike) was with Fire Co. #1 back in 'early days'. He was truly dedicated. When I was young, I always worried about him and said 'Daddy please don't go'. He said 'someday this could be my house'! My Dad also bartended at the Firemen's Bar & Bowling Alley for many years. I have a photo of him there along with the 'East Paterson' oldtimers. I would love to give a photocopy to the Dept. for if they would like. Thank you, Sandra

Added: December 11, 2011

Good job on your web site. My Dad was a vol firefighter life menber.Keep up the great work and stay safe.

Added: June 3, 2011

Would like to know if my children can take a class on safe ,,, incase there's a fire in my home and we needed to get out of the 2nd floor window...

Added: March 7, 2011

You did an excellent job with the website. As a former EP Firefighter: to all of my brothers/sisters, keep up the great volunteer work that you do and, most importantly, be safe.

Added: March 5, 2011

Nice site. Stay safe and have a Happy New Year

Added: December 29, 2010

My dad was a member and my son just attended the firemen's dinner with my mom. He told me about this site. What wonderful memories came back looking at the pictures of the inside of fire Co. #2 remembering all the parties we as a community and our family had there. Thanks for the site. Makes me miss Jersey and especially EP.

Added: November 18, 2010

I grew up in Elmwood Park and there is no other town like it. Elmwood Park firemen are great!

Added: June 8, 2010

EPFD always the Best!!! I am very thankful for the education and experience I recieved with you all...

I am now a Battalion Chief with the Department of Defense!! Keep up the Great Job you do!!!!!!!!! :!devil: :D :D

Added: May 14, 2010

Great Job!! Good photos! Proud to have been a former member of Engine 2.

Added: March 25, 2010

Fabulous photography on this great website. I enjoyed every bit of it, very professional and up close with the key players and the action.

Added: February 17, 2010

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