Mutual Aid (Glen Rock)
Engine 2 is dispatched for mutual aid to Glen Rock direct to the scene for a working house fire. For pictures please visit .
            Working Fire (2 Arena Ct.))
On Friday February 4, 2011 @ 01:15 the Fire Department was dispatched to 2 Arena Ct for a dryer fire. When the first unit arrived on scene a transmission for a working fire was announced. The first due Fire Apparatus arrived and they had a problem gaining access down the street to the fire building because of a combination of snow mounds and parked cars. The EPPD did a great job of finding the vehicle owners to have the vehicles removed. While the police were in the process of getting the vehicles moved the fire department ran lines from the fire hydrant and used the hydrant pressure and fire extinguishers to put the fire out. The fire was under control in ten minutes after the first due arrived. The fire was contained to the laundry room and the rest of the house sustained some type of smoke damage. No one was injured at the fire.


            Working Fire (Linden Ave.)
We had a fire on the first floor living room of a 2 story garden apt complex. A primary search was conducted and 2 dogs were rescued from the building. One dog was rescuciated and transported to the animal hospital while one other died. Fire was knocked down quickly.  Mutual aid from Saddle Brook and Fair Lawn to the scene. Fire contained to apartment of origin and 4 apartments were deemed uninhabitable


            1/23/11 Electrical Fire (29 Dapp Ct.)
Electrical Fire- At 2217 hours on January 23, 2011, firefighters were dispatched to a reported working fire at 29 Dapp Ct.  Assistant Chief Muttel, Battalion Chief's Pressler and Shadwell arrived on scene and entered the basement to find an overheated subpump in a closet, no fire.  Engine 2 arrived first followed by Chief Sulick and Engine 1.  A crew from Engine 2 brought a fan to the door to ventilate the burning odor.  The resident began to feel sick and the Elmwood Park Ambulance Corps was dispatched to the scene to treat the patient and transport to nearby hospital.  Companies released at 22:50.


            1/5/11 Porch Fire (Elmwood Village)
Companies responded to a minor porch fire at the Elmwood Village.  A lit cigarrette started the fire which stretched into the door frame of an apartment unit.  Company 1 extinguished it with a water can.
            12/13/10 MVA (Molnar Dr. & East 54th St.)
Around 2:30 pm on 12/31/10, 911 received calls for a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Molnar Drive and East 54th St.  The collision included a box truck and 2 sedans.  The Elmwood Park Fire Dept was on the way back from funeral services for Captain Kenneth Adamo when the call came in.  EP Rescue 1 responded as well as covering mutual aid companies from Wallington and Little Ferry.  Victims were extricated and transported to local hospitals with minor injuries.
            10/18/10 Room and Contents Fire (288 Kip Ave.)
On October 18th 2010 around 6:45am, the Elmwood Park Fire Department was dispatched to a reported house fire at 288 Kipp Avenue. Police officers arrived on scene to confirm smoke coming from the windows of the second floor in a 2 family house. Chief Ruglio arrived and quickly went upstairs to confirm the location and severity of the fire. Engine 1 pulled up and stretched an inch and three quarter line into the second floor living room and made a quick stop on the fire to contain it to one room. Engine 3 supplied water to Engine 1 while a crew from Engine 2 ventilated and overhauled. The fire is said to be started by a cigarette left burning near the living room couch and quickly spread to the rest of the room. There was more heat and smoke damage to the rest of the apartment while the downstairs apartment had minor water damage. Companies were released around 7:45am.

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           3/26/10 River Drive MVA
Engine 1, Rescue 1, and Engine 2 were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident and car fire with possible entrapment on River Drive in front of the High School. Upon arrival of the fire department, all occupants were removed from both vehicles and one of the vehicles had a fire in the engine compartment. Engine 1 stretched a hand line and extinguished the fire. Engine 2 personnel assisted on the scene with disconnecting the battery cables on both vehicle and assisting EMS with the multiple accident victims.
            01/28/10 Commercial House Fire (227 Market St.)
At approximately 7:35pm the Elmwood Park Fire Department was dispatched to 227 Market St for a reported working fire. The first units that arrived confirmed heavy smoke and fire coming from the basement and first floor area. Two hand lines were stretched and crews started working in the basement and first floor areas. As crews were working, fire started showing on the second floor and spread to the roof very quickly. Two more lines were stretched and additional crews started working on the second floor and roof area. Due to the heavy smoke condition the fire department had a crew cut a hole in the roof to vent the smoke out which aids the firefighters in putting the fire out.  The fire was under control at 8:30pm but fire crews remained on location putting out hot spots and doing overhaul. No one was in the building at the time of the fire. Fire investigators believe the fire started in the basement and quickly worked it way up to the upper floors. The fire cause is still under investigation but itís not believed to be suspicious at this time. There were no reported injuries. Fire crews finely left the fire scene at 10:00pm at which time the building was turned over to the owner.

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               01/07/10 Residential House Fire (92 Godwin Ave.)  
At 05:45am on 1/7/10 the Elmwood Park Fire Department was dispatched to 92 Godwin Ave for a working house fire. The first units that arrived confirmed a working basement fire and also reported that there was live ammunition going off in the basement area. The fire department stretched 2 hand lines and extinguished the fire. The fire was contained to the basement in the area of the boiler and water heater. The fire was put under control at 06:10am at which time companies started to overhaul the basement and also check other areas of the home with a thermal imaging camera. The fire department shut the electrical main and gas main to the house and instructed the homeowner to call an electrician and a plumber to check all the wiring and appliances. Fire Department officials are investigating the cause of the fire at this time. The Elmwood Park Building Department was notified and requested to respond to the fire building. Companies were released at 6:45am. There were no injuries reported. At 07:10am the fire department was dispatched to the same location as the homeowner called and said there was fire coming from the walls. The first units arrived and confirmed a fire in the walls on the first floor. One line was stretched and the fire was quickly extinguished. While the initial fire cause is under investigation and not suspicious the second fire call is believed to have started when the homeowner energized the main in the electrical panel on his own accord and against the instructions of the fire department causing the burned wiring from the initial fire call to arc and spark which caused the second fire. Companies were released from the second call at 7:40am.
               01/06/10 Commercial Fire (Marcal Paper Factory Storage Silo)  
  At approximately 12:10am on 1/6/10 the Elmwood Park Fire Department was dispatched to Marcal Paper for a reported working fire. Upon the fire departments arrival fire units found a working fire in an outside paper storage area. The fire department nicknamed this storage area years ago the thunder dome due to its shape and size. The fire department had many fires in this area through the years. This area is used for recycled paper and also storage for a paper like speedy dry. The flames on this nightís fire had reach the top of the dome and the fire department quickly stretched 3 hand lines and put the tower ladder into operation. Once the main body of fire was knocked down the fire department had a backhoe come in to move the bundles of paper that was burning on top of the pile to another location so the fire could be put out on the lower bundles. All fire units picked up at 3:00am. During this fire mutual aid companies from Saddle Brook and Fair Lawn came in the cover the Boro for all other calls.



                01/04/10 Residential House Fire (86 Parkview Ave.)  
  An apparent electrical problem in the basement sparked a 2 alarm fire in the single family Parkview Ave home on Monday morning (1/4/10). The fire does not appear to be suspicious at this time. When the Elmwood Park Fire Department arrived on location at approximately 07:25am they found heavy smoke and fire coming from the basement and first floor of the house. The Fire Department initially believed people were trapped inside the house and after assuming the worst went inside the burning home to conduct a primary search for the residents. A short time later it was confirmed that the family was on vacation by relatives. A big part of the problem with this fire was that it most likely had a head start and was burning well before it was reported because of all the fire upon arrival of the fire department. It took about two hours to put out the bulk of the fire and was deemed under control at 11:00am. The fire department remained on location until 4:00pm doing overhaul and putting out hot spots. The house was turned over to family members at 5:00pm. Fire crews from Paterson, Garfield, Fair Lawn and Saddle Brook assisted at the scene with companies from Paramus, Rochelle Park and Maywood standing by to cover the Boro. During the Parkview Ave house fire a reported kitchen fire was called in at one location and a reported gas leak was called in at another location which the stand by companies took care of. There were no reported injuries at any of the calls.

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