Fire Dept. Vs. Police Dept.  Annual Softball Game

June 5th 2010, the Elmwood Park Fire Dept played a friendly softball game against the Elmwood Park Police Dept after Community Day at the Pine Street Field. The support for the fire dept was amazing and we want to thank all of the people who came out that day to cheer us on against the police. The PD went on to win the game 13-9. Pictures are in the gallery.


            Fair Lawn Canoe Race

On June 5th 2010, our neighboring town of Fair Lawn held a canoe race in the Passaic River. Multiple canoes were launched from the Memorial Pool boat launch in Fair Lawn and raced twice down to the Elmwood Park Marina. Elmwood Park Company 2boat, along with Mahwah Fire Dept, Fair Lawn Fire Dept, Fair Lawn Rescue and Hawthorne Fire Dept were in the river as safety boats prepared to assist any canoer in distress. The event went without any incidents. Pictures are in the gallery.


           EPHS DWI Program 2010

On May 26th, the EPFD responded to a MVA in the rear of the high school. This was the annual "We Want To See You On Monday" anti drunk driving program.
Along with the EPPD, EPVAC and St Joe's Mobile ICU, Engine 1 and Rescue 1 responded, extricated , treated and transported six injured and pronounced two DOA at the scene. The entire EPHS student body viewed this most serious consequence of DWI. Police units arrested the two drivers after they failed field sobriety tests. Hopefully, the combined efforts of Elmwood Parks Emergency Services drove home the point home. The EPHS Community extends its heartfelt thanks.

Pictures of the event are in the gallery.

(Please note this is a simulated accident and no individuals were actually injured.)


            Emergency Responders Employment Protection Act


The Emergency Responders Employment Protection Act was signed into law on Jan. 14, 2010 (P.L.2009, c.202). Under this new law, which becomes effective April 1, 2010, any member of a volunteer fire company, duly incorporated first aid, rescue or ambulance squad, or any member of any county or municipal volunteer office of emergency management may not be terminated or suspended for failing to report to work due to their service as a volunteer during a state of emergency declared by the president or governor, or their response to an emergency alarm.
To enjoy the protections of this new law, the employee must provide to the employer: 1) notice that the employee will be performing emergency services at least one hour before he/she was to report to his/her place of employment; and 2) a copy of the incident report and a certification by the incident commander, affirming that the responder was actively engaged in and necessary for the emergency services, upon returning to his/her place of employment. The incident commander may also give the employer notice if the employee is engaged in consecutive days of emergency response. Employers are not expected to pay employees who are absent from work while responding to these emergency situations, but the employees may charge this time as vacation or sick time.
The law does not apply to employees who, by statute or contract, are deemed an “essential employee.” Employers may wish to consider incorporating

           Blood Drive Success!


A blood drive was sponsored by the fire dept on Saturday Feb 6th. The drive was assembled by Stephen Quackenbush as a way for the department to personally help and give back to the Red Cross after his brother and several members of our department, including Ex-Chief Bob Chvasta Sr. and 1st Battalion Chief Don Lieder, received a total of over 50 units of blood last year due to serious illness or injury. Those who received blood over the last year knew better then anyone how much a simple donation can do to save ones life. Over 30 firefighters and civilians attended the drive and gave a total of 25 units of blood. This quantity of blood will now be processed  by the Red Cross and distributed to hospitals where it can save up to 75 peoples lives. After such a success we hope make blood drives an annual or semi annual event so keep an eye out for next time.


            Equipment Grant


The Elmwood Park Fire Department was informed on 1/27/2010 that it was awarded a DHS/FEMA Fire Grant for $21,000.00 and this money will be used to purchase fire communication equipment.



            Website Launch!



The Elmwood Park, NJ Volunteer Fire Department is proud to announce the launch of its official website. Expect to see the beginnings and updates to the site over the next few weeks as we are still gathering and establishing various sections. In the future be prepared to see updates on major incidents and happenings of the department as well as information geared for firefighters and civilians alike. We hope the site increases the knowledge and awareness that Elmwood Park locals have on the department that is on call 24/7 to protect them.


For now check out...

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Expect to see the About Us and Calendar sections completed soon.


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